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Not romantic. Physics Being in a state of higher energy. Words near down-to-earth in the Thesaurus.

Example sentences

Requiring little skill or effort. The definition of levelheaded is calm and sensible. The definition of sober-minded is someone who is serious and sensible.

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Of, pertaining to, advocating, or acting in accordance with scientism. Not assuming, pretentious, or forward; modest; retiring. Concerned with actual practice, everyday affairs, etc.

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Capable of responding to stimuli. The definition of matter-of-fact is something that sticks to the facts and without emotion.

They’re not concerned with the superficial

Lacking pretense or affectation ; natural. Informal Friendly or sociable in a simple, direct manner. Having or indicating an awareness of things adult wants nsa wyoming they really are. Lacking the refinement or elegance associated with urban life.

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Not elaborate, ornate, or ostentatious:. Consistent with or based on reason or good judgment; logical or sensible:.

Down-to-earth sentence examples

Oppressive or unjust in nature or effect:. Category: most common Unique synonym related antonym. Words that mention down-to-earth in the Dictionary. As expected ; reasonable. Acting with or exhibiting good judgment; reasonable:.

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Characterized by nontechnical vocabulary, simple sentence structure, and relatively few explicit transitions, as typified by spoken language:. The definition of nice is someone who is pleasant or agreeable or something that is in good condition and that is pleasing.

Manifested in or involving practice:. Usually of writing or speaking but also figurative Overly plain or simpleto the point of being boring ; humdrum.

They don’t flaunt achievements

Being an essential or basic part or parts. Slight or superficial. Objective is defined as someone or something that is real or not imagined. Not governed by or based on reason:. Down-to-earth Sentence Examples.

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Find another word for down-to-earth. The definition of plain is clearly understood, obvious, simple or not complicated.

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Free of pretense, falsehood, or affectation:. Part of speech: modifier adjective. Law Relating to affairs of state. Filters 0.

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Expressed or represented as being accurate. Straightforward and serious; not exaggerated, emotional, or silly:. The definition of hardheaded is someone who is stubborn, or someone who is practical rather than sentimental. Not distracted from actual facts by enticementsintimidationor sentimentality ; steadfast in one's actionscommitmentsbeliefsetc.

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Out of one's senses; unconscious. Hearty or uninhibited; natural:. Having the faculty of reason; endued with reason; rational.

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In this you can discover 51 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for down-to-earthlike: earthy, sensible, practical, pragmatical, real, realistic, levelheaded, pragmatic, no-nonsense, unpretentious and unaffected.

Home Thesaurus Down-to-earth. Frank; straightforward; blunt.

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