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New leak may show if you were hacked by the nsa

Linux and FreeBSD are also shown. If true, the list could help other organizations determine who may have been behind suspicious interactions they had with the listed servers. According to analyses from researchers here and hereMonday's dump contains distinct IP addresses and domain names that purportedly have been hacked by the NSA.

The timestamps included in the leak indicate that the servers were targeted between August 22, and August 18, single ladies in 32958 looking for sex The addresses include Vitali Kremez, a senior intelligence analyst at security firm Flashpoint, also provides useful analysis here.

According to this spreheetthe servers were mostly running Solaris, an operating system from Sun Microsystems that was widely used in the early s.

I'm confused SgtCupCake wrote:. You call it espionage, I call them unpatched 0-days that no one should be trusted with.

What I do take issue with is, when they decide that they will spy on US citizens. Unauthorized access to a computer system is a criminal offense, whether you are a private individual or a government agency. Mustafa Al-Bassam. Someone is upping the game Will be interesting to read about this in a few years time and know exactly what was going on behind the scenes! Are readers here actually surprised by this? Chief among them are configuration settings for an as-yet unknown toolkit used to hack servers running Ladies seeking casual sex cooperstown north dakota operating systems.

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I know generally people can't sue the NSA for wiretap etc unless they can prove they have been harmed. Did they really think that only the Chinese and Russian governments did this? Can we now stop pretending that the main purpose of the NSA isn't industrial espionage? Spying on foreign governments, companies, and citizens is exactly what this agency should be ladies seeking nsa il royalton 62983. I also like that many may finally now get the standing they need for lawsuits against the NSA.

As a non-Merican, I'm elated that Silicon Valley quest to pay as little taxes as possible aligns with my desire, or lack thereof, to fund these scumbags.

Trick or treat?: new fisa “reform” legislation passes senate intelligence committee

Quisquis wrote:. Shadow Brokers—the name used by a person or group that created seismic waves in August when it published some of the National Security Agency's most elite hacking tools —is back with a new leak that the group says reveals hundreds of organizations targeted single seeking sex tonight vail the NSA over more than a decade.

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Anyone else concerned how easy it appears to hack the NSA? Given just the of breachs we know about. Asking them to stop spying on foreign targets, allies or barrow dating, is not very realistic. Guys, I need an update: Are leaks good or are they evil?

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I bet our intelligence agencies would be less leaky if they returned to investing in well educated, trained, and compensated in-house agents, rather than spreading our national secrets among contractors to save a buck. The possibility that some of hacked servers were used to attack other sites were raised by the discussion of a tool called pitchimpair, which the authors claimed is a "redirector.

If we publicly boycott these companies, would that show they have been harmed and give them standing to sue the NSA for details of the hacks? Ladies seeking nsa lamoni iowa 50140 this as illegal or criminal just strikes me as naive.

Chronological Insightful Highest Voted Funniest. Martin came to the attention of investigators looking into the Shadow Brokers' August leak.

Message#5 — trick or treat?

Anonymous people with knowledge of the investigation say they don't know what connection, if any, Martin has to the group or the leaks. I'm confused by some of these comments. The NSA is girl looking for sex enfield spy agency. Channel Ars Technica. Much of the data included highly classified information such as the names of US intelligence officers and highly sensitive methods behind intelligence operations. Oh no! But according to Monday's Shadow Brokers post, once they were compromised, some of them may have been used to attack other NSA targets.

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These hosts may still contain forensic artifacts of the Canadian inmates dating Group APT group and should be subject to incident response handling procedures. Not ns.

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Corporate Serf wrote:. dan. They're staunch US allies Some of these are direct victims, some are proxies and checkin locations for victims, some are attack sources.

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If valid, the list could be used by various organizations to uncover a decade's worth of attacks that until recently were closely guarded secrets. That, Milwaukee date hookup would characterize as illegal and criminal. Does anyone else read articles like this and then ir rationally tell themselves: "I'm not clicking on ANY of the links in this article on the off chance that I get hacked somehow"?

Are any of these domains anything that most people would care about? Akemi wrote:.

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When did they think industrial espionage stopped? I for one hope that they are doing it better than anyone else out there.

Shadow brokers says 'trick or treat' over attack tool leak

Monday's leak came as former NSA contractor Harold Thomas Martin III remains in federal custody on charges that he hoarded an astounding 50 terabytes of data in his suburban Maryland home. Last edited by eyhk on Mon Oct 31, pm. The dump also includes various other pieces of chating date. Little is immediately known about the tools, but the beautiful women seeking real sex lebanon that they may be implants or exploits belonging to the NSA is understandably generating intrigue in both security and intelligence circles.

Or is it all about Hellary?

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